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Borough Hires New Recreation Director; Establishes New Recreation Committee

At Tuesday night's meeting, the governing body hired a new recreation director to help lead this new effort for Raritan. A council subcommittee, consisting of Bray, and councilmembers Joyce Melitsky and Mike Patente, interviewed several candidates. The subcommittee brought the most qualified candidates to the rest of the council, in which Ron Cefalone was unanimously hired by the full governing body. "Ron is very enthusiastic, has a lot of great programs he has operated in other towns, and has experience with pools," Melitsky stated. Bray added, "we are very excited to have a new recreation director whose experience and passion for the job will result in a robust program for the greater community."

At their December 17th council meeting, the governing body adopted a new ordinance to establish a Recreation Committee. The new committee replaced the previous Sports and Events committees. Mayor Zachary R. Bray said, "I am excited to build something new and uniquely Raritan for our children and families. We look forward to a new collaborative committee who are working towards wonderful opportunities for all citizens to participate in recreational activities."

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