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Raritan Borough Hires New IT Company to Bring Borough Hall into the 21st Century.

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

At the Governing Body's January 12th meeting, the Borough council approved a resolution hiring KRS IT consulting. This decision replaces Somerset County's IT Dept. as the Borough's information technology service provider.

"This change in service was a long time coming! It will help bring Borough Hall into the 21st century. We will see Wi-Fi established throughout the building, a modernization of our hardware, and email servers. Real-time assistance with technological issues that may arise during the work day. Overall, this change will help borough employees continue in providing services to residents, but at a much faster level of productivity" said Council President Nicolas Carra.

KRS consulting was recommended by new Borough Administrator/Clerk Eric Colvin. Carra and Colvin have been working behind the scenes for over a year to help modernize Raritan's technology services and products. “I am really proud of the efforts of our new administrator and Council President Carra for making the first step to bringing the municipal building into the 21st century.” Mayor Zachary Bray said. “I look forward to how the upgrades will allow us to provide services to citizens at a more efficient rate” he further stated. “This is just the first step we will continue to research and find new services and products to meet the needs of residents. Having a proactive and professional IT service will enable us to deploy new technologies that can bring more accountability to our work and help make sure issues and concerns are addressed promptly and to satisfaction" Carra added.

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